2020 SCImago Journal Rank

In the 2020 SJR, the journals published by the University of Navarra’s Publishing Service included in Scopus have obtained the following results:

La Perinola has improved from Q2 to Q1 and Memoria y Civilización, from Q3 to Q2.

-The following has remained in their quartiles: Ius Canonicum (Q1), Rilce (Q1), Scripta Theologica (Q1), Communication & Society (Q2), Anuario Filosófico (Q3), Anuario de Historia de la Iglesia (Q4), Ra Revista de Arquitectura (Q4) and Studia Poliana (Q4).

Estudios sobre Educación has gone from Q2 to Q3. Its SJR passed from 0,449 to 0,318, due to the lower number of citations as well as to the largest number of published documents (from 19 in 2019 to 26 in 2020). The ratio has been doubly unfavorable, having a negative impact in its global position (748/1.543 journals in 2020, compared to position 521/1.587 in 2019).